Seize the Day

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Life is a journey.

Look out of every window and seize the day.

Live your dreams and dwell in the possibilities.

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Kill Worrying Before Worrying Kills You


WORRY, WORRY , WORRY, It’s everywhere you look, you put the TV on it’s there, you go to work, it’s there, you socialise, it’s there. There is no escaping this thing called WORRY. But how do we deal with this problem when faced with it ourselves? Is there a way, a key, a solution that can squash it. (read more)

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Inspiration from the Road for Virtual Assistants

Just imagine…. Hot sun, glorious views, beautiful places to visit and growing your business to go along side it all.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Well for some Virtual Assistants, they have made their dreams a reality. And that’s the joy of doing a job like this – as long as you have your laptop, an internet connection and the desire to succeed – it doesn’t matter where you are. You can take your clients with you (virtually of course!) and you’ve got the comfort of knowing that wherever you are in the world you’re still able to earn a living and build up your business.

Of course a job like this isn’t just about ‘earning a living’. It’s about balancing your lifestyle, making your home and business life what you want and getting the most out of it.

It’s about living the dream, giving your children an excitement they’d never dream of and utilising every moment you have with them.

A few years back – BC (before children!) my husband and I went travelling around Arizona. We’re not into doing the tourist thing and just fancied driving around the desert and being on the open road. So that’s exactly what we did. We hired a car, our first night in a hotel and then just drove on from there! We travelled for 3 weeks and did over 3000 miles through desert, heat waves and storms, and saw some amazing sights.

It got me thinking that being on the open road, making that journey, is a bit like our lives. You don’t necessarily know where the next road will take you or what will be around the next bend but we keep going and the route becomes clear as we go along. We sometimes have to take risks and overtake that car in front but it does us some good and we have an open road ahead of us again.

Just thinking back to sitting in that car, driving through the heat – really inspires me to do well in my business, to work hard to make a great success of it all and to take some of my own advice…. Just live the dream!

I’d love to hear your experiences with work and travel, please feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Need advice in becoming a Virtual Assistant?

Are you looking to work for yourself as a Virtual Assistant? Forums are a great place to chat to people who are similar minded as you and also people that are experienced in the direction that you are trying to go in. The perfect place to ask those little questions that you really don’t want to ask ‘in case you look silly’ but that have to be asked for you to move forward.

Virtual Assistant Forums | Work from Home

Virtual Assistant Forums is a great resource stop. You’ll find everything you need to know or find the people that could help and finally get answers to your questions that you’ve had for so long.
Join now and help yourself move forward, you won’t be disappointed.

PS – I’d love to hear from those of you who already use the forums and what you think to them and how they’ve helped you along the way 🙂

Not Just A Typical Day

I find that sometimes when I’ve got so much to remember and so much to get done in so little time, I work through things like a machine without actually stopping to think about what I’m actually doing. Do you find that?

My daily tasks that I know I have to complete become routine and sometimes mundane, I could do a lot of them with my eyes closed – but does it have to be this way?
I don’t think so.

When days get a bit like this, I try to change things around and make everything more interesting. I try to engage more and get my brain working harder – and give myself a challenge.

If you’re a small business or you work for yourself then sometimes work can be lonely and very quiet. I can go through a whole day without talking to someone – just coming up for air now and again! But use the tools out there to interact with others, to build relationships with like-minded people and to go that extra mile to make your work more interesting and social.

I use the forums to discuss issues, to ask advice and to speak to fellow workers. If you are a Virtual Assistant then you’ve probably heard of Virtual Assistant Forums. They are a brilliant resource and an excellent point for advice and information. This is a personal choice as I like the forums, but you can also comment on blogs and posts, you can create relationships in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and such like. There are so many resources for you to not be on your own but to get out there and get noticed and to start making your day not the typical day, but a more interesting one!

If you’re a small business or have a small team why don’t you conside outsourcing all those time-taking and mundane tasks to a Virtual Assistant and start taking the bull by the horns (so to speak) and focus on where your heart is. What is it that you really want to achieve? Where do you see your business going in the future months and years ahead? Pass the emailing, the office calls, the website updating and social media – your timetaking tasks – to a VA today and go take a chance and a risk and move your business forward in a proactive and positive thinking way. The benefits are huge and the possibilities can be endless!

Feel free to get in contact if a VA is what you are looking for today. I’m always happy to help 🙂